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Free Audio Editor: Wavosaur

Wavosaur is a free audio editor for Windows that just hit version 1.0. It’s really good stuff: not only is it free, but the whole app is tiny (488kb), it’s designed to fit on a portable USB key, it hosts VSTs, and it’s an elegant waveform editor reminiscent of early versions of SoundForge. Even if you’ve got a wave editor of choice, might be worth sticking this on your USB key when you’re on the go — especially since it supports Windows 98, XP, and Vista. And it doesn’t have an installer or touch the Registry.

Free Audio Editor Wavosaur Features

  • Multiple file editing
  • All the editing and processing you need (convert channels, normalize, cut and paste, trim, fade in / out, the usual)
  • Pitch shift, vocal removal (karaoke, whoo!), loop points and markers
  • ASIO, VST support
  • Support for MP3, Akai, Amiga, and many other file formats
  • Analysis features (2D, 3D)

Sieht gut aus, probiert’s aus.


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  • Klaus   22. Sep 2009   10:47 UhrAntworten

    Hi Carlos. Super Tool...
    Leider bin ich zu doof die Transpose Funktion zu finden, die VST Plugins geben dies auch nicht her..
    Hast du evtl. einen Tip für mich?


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