Akai APC 80 Do-It-Yourself

How to build an Akai APC 80 Ableton Live Controller out of an APC 20 and an APC 40


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How to build the Akai APC 80 out of an APC 40 and an APC 20 – Do-It-Yourself DIY

This Do-It-Yourself video shows you how to build an Akai APC 80 (mod) Ableton Live Controller using the APC 40 and the APC 20 that was officially released last year. Even though both controllers look like they were designed to being put together, they aren’t. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do it – but there are some obstacles you can easily spot in this DIY APC 80 video.

You have to be aware that if you choose to build this APC 80 mod, you’ll lose the warranty on the original controllers.

The idea to build the APC 80 mod comes from our dear friend Ray, also known as DJ Controlled Demolition. We would also like to thank him for his effort doing this video with us. If you need more infos on building the APC 80 you can drop him a note in our contact form. There you’ll find also another explanatory video about how to configure Ableton Live for using the APC 80 as one controller.



Download Akai APC 80 Drilling Schematic

Download here the Akai APC 80 drilling schematic

You can download the Akai APC 80 drilling schematic for free:

Download: AKAI APC 80 Drilling Schematic


This is what Ray has to say about the Akai APC 80

The DIY project nicknamed „APC80“ popped into my head right when I first saw the AKAI press release in which the APC20 was announced (and no, there will not be any official APC 80 announced on the Musikmesse in Frankfurt). Thanks to “combination mode” which was officially introduced by Ableton in Live 8.1.4, it is possible to use multiple APCs as if they were one unit – with a single clip matrix spanning multiple devices – and since the clip matrix on a single APC40 wasn’t quite enough for me anyway, it seemed an interesting thing to try out.

I’ve received some really nice feedback on the mod and eventually decided to make a tutorial… after running into the guys from delamar at a trade show it became clear who I’d do it with.

The two videos should answer most of the questions that have been around since I posted the first picture of this mod, but you can always drop me a line if you need help.
Good luck!

ray // controlled demolition