Update für Cubase 4


Liste der Bugfixes von Steinberg Cubase 4.02

* Roomworks: After a while the plug-in may begin to produce extremely loud digital noise.
* VSTi Track Freeze: HALion Symphonic Orchestra’s (looped drum roll) will not be looped after freezing.
* Output metering of all Plug-ins incorrect.
* Audio Warp: Severe disc performance problems in C4.
* CD Import doesn’t work with some DVD drives.
* Grungelizer stops working after bypass – activate.
* MediaBay Scope: new implemented Follow Tempo handler doesn’t work.
* Select Velocity Stems in Edit-In-Place causes hung note.
* Stuttering Cursor = MIDI Plug-in Problems.
* Offline Process History (using plug-ins): uninvolved process steps get modified if a previous step is being changed.
* [HALionOne]: Sound „T8 Analog Kit“ in the Studio Bank comprised endless loops.
* [HALionOne] CPU Performance.
* DoubleDelay (and other) settings lost from SX3 project loaded in C4.
* Extract MIDI automation does not delete CCs from part.
* Project incompatibility: Nuendo 3 project can not be loaded into Cubase 4.
* Crash when removing/adding input channel.
* Once delete External Instrument, SM2 editor never come again. (VstOpExternalEffect is not deleted).
* Input transformer bug with instrument tracks: duplicate track / save & reload project.
* Open inplace editor creates defective track presets.
* SCORE: Crash changing note length.
* No audio and serious error on insert bypass/activate.
* Yamaha DSP Factory – support only partially removed.
* MediaBay crashes Cubase when scanning v1.0 and 1.1 ID3 tagged mp3 files.
* Mixer: „Load All Mixer Settings“ seriously broken.
* Retrospective Record: Looks partially broken compared to SX3.
* Re-routing channels takes too long („Unresponsiveness“).
* SynthEngine sounds different on Intel and PPC.
* Mac: Text entry of VST3 automation data in Info line=crash!.
* Crash on showing effect editor after second apply of track preset on audio track.
* MIDI Track FX and Modifiers do not work.
* [HALionOne] content in Cubase 4.01 installer: GmDrumSet 1 not registered on Win.
* „An error occurred during mixdown“ if exported sample rate is unequal project sample rate.
* Media Bay can’t find files using 2-byte characters on Japanese OS.
* Rotary – Speed parameter doesn’t work correctly after loading of preset.
* Copying mixer channel settings does not work properly.
* Score: Workspace crash.
* Audio buffer down-switch causes freeze.
* Audio recording while the audio editor of the same track is open causes poof.
* AmpSimulator: Using 96kHz projects possibly creates artefacts.
* Cubase Studio 4: Fewer output-channel insert slots as specified!.
* Cubase will „unexpectedly quit“ after scrolling to a track that is a part of a collapsed track folder.
* N.I.’s Vokator seen as mono in/stereo out.
* Unfreeze and unload VSTi will be reload when closing the project.
* Mackie Control: Not possible to load VST-Instruments via MC.
* Can’t open QT screen on Japanese system.
* Changing ModMachine Rate during playback produces artefacts.
* Loading a VSTi removes Houston from Remote Devices List.
* MPEX Time stretching: crash by changing ratio during preview.
* Yamaha 01X / Mackie Control paging not possible.
* Upgrading from Cubase Mac PPC to Cubase Intel Mac might result in program freeze on startup.
* HALionOne tuning and loop problems in several sounds.

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In der Zwischenzeit ist auch Nuendo 4 mit einigen sehr interessanten Neuerungen erschienen.

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