Reaper: Neue Version 2.102




Cockos Reaper 2.102

Cockos Reaper ist im Übrigen ein Shareware Programm, das eine unbegrenzte Testperiode bietet und gerade einmal US$50,- kostet.

Hier die Liste mit Neuerungen, Änderungen und Bug Fixes für das neue Cockos Reaper.

  • mute automation recording support for track mute envelopes
  • tracks now have „free item positioning mode“ allowing full control over where items are on tracks
  • In FIPM, mixing behavior for fully overlapping items always sums
  • In FIPM, recording in most modes creates items rather than takes
  • Fixed a bug where take FX button was hidden but still clickable
  • better naming for MIDI input/output control in VST i/o menu
  • new actions: explode takes in place, explode takes in order, implode items to track, etc
  • fixed labelling of midi CC actions for midi editor
  • fixed a bug in overdub recording on deprecated (ticks/beat) MIDI items
  • midi editor: better end point adjustment in drum mode
  • screensets: better setting of scroll position on sets that just change zoom level
  • bonus: fixed bug in fx add window search dialog
  • bonus: more robust corrupt project loading

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