Musikmesse 2007 Podcast: Sony Oxford Plugins heissen nun Sonnox


Rod Densham, Managing Director bei Sonnox, sagt:
„The Sony Oxford Plugins reputation for quality and performance reflects the pedigree of our products. As an independent company with global recognition, we are dedicated to improving and expanding these tools. We are confident Sonnox can look forward to a future of continued growth, starting with the launch of our Native versions for Audio Units and VST at Musikmesse 2007.“

Pünktlich zur Musikmesse 2007 gibt es avon Sonnox alle Plugins in nativer Version, kompatibel zu Audio Units, VST und RTAS Applikationen wie Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, Nuendo und Pro Tools LE. Viele Nutzer nativer Workstations haben sich dieses Release schon lange ersehnt.

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