Drumagog veröffentlicht Steven Slate Drums 1.5 und Elite Mixer Edition


Die Erweiterung im GOG-Format für Drumagog kann in zwei Versionen erworben werden. Die Elite-Version hat dabei fast doppelt so viele Samples als die normale Version. Aktuelle Preise gibt Wavemachine Labs wie folgt an:

Steven Slate Drums 1.5 US$ 149,-
Steven Slate Drums 1.5 Elite Mixer Edition US$ 269,-

Der Hersteller schreibt zur Erweiterung:

„Steven Slate Drums is a virtual drum locker of kicks, snares, and toms fit for all styles of rock and pop music from soft ballads to hardcore metal. Each sample set is processed with the world’s finest analog gear, including a two inch tape machine for the initial recording, so that there is little to no need for any additional tweaking. Just choose your drum, and listen to it PUNCH right through even the densest mix. You also have your choice of room sound via the Z system. Many of the drums even have options to utilize different tunings, dampenings, and gear chains.“

  • 12 MORE PUNCHY Snares custom made for top mixers ( 25 snares total)
  • 7 MORE HUGE Kicks custom made for top mixers (18 kicks total)
  • 2 MORE Sets of Toms (4 sets of toms total)
  • All samples have four room environments
  • All samples have stereo „Z4“ real room adjustable ambience samples
  • All samples recorded to 2 inch tape
  • All samples processed with the finest in both vintage and modern gear
  • All samples tested in real mixes, little to no need for further processing
  • Samples are 24bit/44.1khz, mono and stereo wav files,
  • Multi Velocity and Multi Samples per velocity

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