AudioLab Free 3.0


Die Library bietet das Aufnehmen, Wiedergeben, Mixen sowie komplexe Audiobearbeitung. AudioLab ist in einer voll funktionsfähigen Version kostenlos zum Download verfügbar (Link am Ende des Artikels). Für nicht-kommerzielle Zwecke, für das Hobby oder zur Evaluation ist das Programm frei erhältlich.


AudioLab 3.0 Features:

  • Audio generators:
    Generates Tone(Sine Wave), Triangle or Rectangle signal
    Generates pseudo-random Audio data samples
    Generates pseudo-random Audio data samples with a Gaussian distribution

  • Win32 API Components:
    Captures audio data from an input device such as Microphone, Modem, or TV/Radio Tuner
    Outputs audio data via audio output device such as Speakers, Line Out, or Modem
    Stores Wave Audio Files
    Plays Wave Audio Files
    Raw (unformatted) audio logger

  • DirectShow components:
    Capture audio data from an input device such as Microphone, Modem, or TV/Radio Tuner, using DirectShow
    Outputs audio data via audio output device such as Speakers, Line Out, or Modem using DirectShow
    Stores Audio Files using DirectShow
    Plays Audio Files using DirectShow
    Stores Audio Files in Advanced Systems Format(ASF and WMA) using Windows Media Encoding
    Audio compressor
    Audio decompressor

  • Ogg components:
    Ogg format audio logger
    Ogg format audio player

  • Compression components:
    Audio compressor
    Audio decompressor
    Compresses audio data using Vorbis compression
    Decompresses Vorbis compressed audio data
    Compresses audio data using Speex compression
    Decompresses Speex compressed audio data

  • Audio filters:
    User defined generic filter for Audio Data Buffers
    Generic generator
    Amplifies the input signal by multiplying it with a coefficient
    Mixes two or more audio signals
    Implements a Graphic Audio Equalizer
    Removes the DC component from the audio signal
    Delays the signal by a specified number of samples
    Takes a snapshot(Sample) buffer of the audio data and sends it to the component output
    Enables or disables the audio buffers to go trough. Works as On/Off switch for the audio passing trough the component

  • Direct Media Objects Audio Filters:
    Performs (DMO) DirectX Media Object effect filter operations

  • Converters:
    Converts Wave Audio Data Buffers into Real Data Buffers
    Converts Real Data Buffers into Wave Audio Data Buffers
    Rearranges the samples into buffers with a specified size
    Splits the audio channel into mono channels
    Merges multiple mono channels into a single multi channel stream

  • Meters:
    Implements a VU(Volume Unit) Meter
    Implements a PPM( Peak Programme Meter) Meter

  • Other:
    Implements multi channel queued switch. Allows fast switch between multiple audio sources
    Allows access to the Windows system mixer

  • Transformations:
    Performs a multi channel spectrum operation
  • The following PlotLab components are included as well:
    Plot type scope component
    Waterfall component

  • The following SignalLab component is included as well:
    Generic Real filter
    Generic Real generator
    Generic Binary Filter
    Generic Binary generator

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