Ableton veröffentlicht Live 6 Update 6.0.7


Hier die Übersicht der Änderung im neuen Update für Ableton 6:


  • MIDI Controller surface support for Tascam’s FireOne.
  • Several help text corrections and translations.

Ableton Live 6 Bugfixes:

  • On a Mac, Live’s window would be limited to a horizontal size of about 4000 pixels only.
  • Cropping a SD2 file would crash Live. Note: Because Live does not create SD2 files, sample creation actions like Reverse and Crop produce Aiff files.
  • Using the arrow down key when the last scene was selected would not work properly.
  • Under certain conditions the context menu of an arranger track could have the „Paste“ command twice.
  • Under certain conditions, the Sampler instrument could run into an invalid state depending on the loop settings.
  • Live would not allow to type values past the current end of the song into the song position field in the transport bar.
  • Live would crash when opening a particular corrupt Live set. Now it shows a message box.
  • Live would crash when deleting a track that contains a muted clip with envelopes.
  • Under certain conditions Live would crash when rendering a single track with a started session clip.
  • Under certain conditions the track status display shows „0:0“ for a running clip.
  • Dragging clips in the arranger and pressing Cmd-T (Mac) or Ctrl-T (Win) to create a new track during dragging would cause Live to crash on mouse-up.
  • Under certain conditions Live could crash when receiving MIDI remote data during particular actions.
  • Under certain conditions the LFO for a pitch modulation in a Simpler or Sampler device could produce an invalid pitch when the LFO was disabled.
  • Under certain conditions Live would freeze when entering a high value (about 1000000 bars) for the song position.
  • Live would crash when:
  • Creating an arranger MIDI clip and showing it in the detail view.
  • Selecting the numerator or denominator of the signature in the transport bar.
  • Typing a new number, but not pressing enter.
  • Clicking in the MIDI editor.

Abletone latest versions

In der Zwischenzeit ist bereits Ableton Live 7 angekündigt worden.

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