UA veröffentlicht neue Version 4.7 der UAD Software


Registrierte UAD-Kunden können den Neve-88RS Channel Strip für US$299.- und den LA3A Kompressor für US$149.- auf erwerben. Derzeit sind die beiden Plugins verschiedener Online-Promotionen und können für einen geringeren Gegenwert erstanden werden.

„Our Neve 88RS channel strip is modeled after the current flagship of Neve’s stellar sounding analog consoles and sets the price/sonic benchmark for plug-in channel strips.“ said Mike Barnes, VP of Marketing for Universal Audio. „With its Four-band EQ, VCA type Limit/Comp dynamics, Gate/Expander and internal side-chaining for de-essing, the 88RS gives desktop DAW users (AU,VST,RTAS) access to a full-featured virtual Neve console. Its low-distortion enables efficient DSP design, so users can run around 9 stereo instances (18 channels) on one UAD card at 44.1kHz, giving up to a full 72 channel configuration on a fully expanded 4-card UAD system.“

Neve 88RS Features:

  • EQ & Dynamics form Neve’s flagship analog console
  • Four-band parametric EQ with High & Low -Shelf Filters
  • Highly flexible Limiter/Compressor, Gate/Expander Dynamics Section
  • Exclusively Neve-licensed, UA modeled, only for UAD DSP family
  • UAi: Proprietary UA Modeling Technology-Most accurate analog emulations

„The LA3A completes our legendary UA Classic Compressor line, which are all now available in either real hardware or modeled software product formats for traditional outboard purists or inboard DAW users.“

Key LA3A Features include:

  • Definitive solid-state optical compressor
  • Modeled from a „golden“ vintage unit in UA’s collection
  • Gain and peak reduction controls plus limit/compress switch
  • UAi: Proprietary UA Modeling Technology-Most accurate analog emulations

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