Roland Fantom G7: The Specs


Roland Fantom G7

The information about the Roland Fantom G7 is taken altogether from the official Roland website for Spain (link at the end of this article). They kinda spoiled the features and specs of this keyboard that will be announced at the NAMM show tomorrow.

Roland Fantom G7
Let’s get it on:

„We are proud to present the Roland Fantom G7 as the most powerful and elegant workstation ever made by Roland for live situations. The Roland Fantom G7 redefines the limitations of interpretation and creativity with his new and sophisticated sound engine, the two expansions of the ARX SuperNATURAL technology, a 8,5″ color lcd display, a powerful audio and MIDI sequencer as well as his weighted keyboard and other features.“

Roland Fantom G7: the features

  • the Roland Fantom G7 comes with a new sound engine with twice as much power as its precedessor
  • two ARX SuperNATURAL expansions, the world’s best technology for more expressional power
  • graphical user interface on a 8,5″ lcd display with colors
  • better usability through possibility of connecting a mouse
  • fully integrated audio and MIDI sequencer with 128 tracks of which 24 are used for audio
  • advanced multifx for every part. up to 22 komplex routings at the same time can be saved
  • the Roland Fantom G7 offers a first class PHA II keyboard with weighted keys
  • robust aluminum chassis

Roland Fantom G7: pricing and avaibility

Till the present there is no information about neither pricing nor avaibility of the Roland Fantom G7. I’ll keep you posted.


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